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Huntingdon Spa

"Best treatment in Cambridgeshire."

If you are seeking a place to relax a professional environment and employees who are first class at their job this is definitely the place for you. I booked my sports massage over the phone at 8 am with ease card details were taken and I was ready for my appointment later that evening and went off to teach a full day of dance classes. That evening I jumped in a taxi at 8:40 pm from my hotel in St Ives and was there in 15 mins if that. Greeted by the owner of the establishment and was firstly amazed at the beautiful but simple facilities. I was booked for a deep tissue sports massage with a Level 6 Sports Therapist. I am a professional performer in London's West End theatre TV and Film having had my fair share of very knowledgable physiotherapist chiropractors massage therapists reiki healing the list go's on. This Massage Therapist was as good as anyone I have seen with 30 years plus experience he was calm relaxing funny but could understand and feel tightness or tension throughout my 45 year battered dancers body. With out going on for too long if you are a sportsman or women or you are a performer in any genre or have put your body through some kind of strain either sitting at a desk for hours or standing all day on your feet at work. This is the place for you, I only wish I had more time in Huntingdon to try some other treatments ,but I am one seriously happy but a bit sore for now customer. Thank you amazing work.

Aug 2016 Reviewed by Carl Parris

"I would like to congratulate Kerry. I was both delighted and surprised at how strong and agile her hands are. I have a very physically demanding job. At the moment I am up and down from Eastbourne as I have two players who have reached the semi finals. Coaching them demands playing at a high level and that involves daily visits to the gym as well. I had strained my back and my forearm, Kerry's massage was very helpful and I really enjoyed it. I am very fussy because I, myself have played tennis at a high level, including Davis cup and have been treated by top Therapists. I would and will go to Kerry again.
Thank you Kerry and good luck. Nick Brown (International & Olympic Tennis Coach) June 2010

"I wanted to say thanks for your excellent treatment throughout my training programme for the Dublin Marathon which I ran on the 26th October 2009. The combination of massage and ultrasound treatment which you used, eased the problem with my IT band to such an extent that this marathon turned out to be the most enjoyable of the four marathons I've now completed. Having used other massage therapies in the past to deal with the same problem, I was amazed at the relief I found from the sessions I had with you and I would be happy to recommend you to any runner who is injured or simply wanting to be in the best shape possible for their next race." Siobhan Costello - Marathon Runner Oct 2009

"I was first treated by Kerry following a particularly gruelling 75 mile cycling training ride. I was suffering from extreme pain and tension in my thigh and calf muscles, which Kerry got back up and working. The remedial massage was so effective that I was even able to get on my bike for my usual commute to work the next day. Of equal benefit to the pain relieving massage was the advice about target heart rate zones and the importance of warming up/down with adequate stretching. This helps prevent lactic acid build up and aids the lymphatic system in cleansing the body efficiently. Kerry also informed me of the small, but important difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise explaining that exercising in the anaerobic region burns muscle as well as fat. 

I have just successfully completed the Norwich 100 mile event with improved comfort and endurance. This I believe was a direct result of using the stretching techniques demonstrated the previous visit, as well as keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone as long as possible meant I suffered non of the previous encountered pains. 

I shall be following the advice of Kerry throughout my future training for long distance cycling and triathlons. Thank you Kerry.- Stuart Dickenson Sept 2010

"I am a Personal Trainer and Gym Manager, I know only to well the damage that can be caused through insufficient stretching. Sports massage helps to cleanse the body of toxins and lactic acid via the lymphatic system. As a Body Builder, lactic acid forms and can build up in the body leading to muscle fatigue. I use sports massage for rehabilitation purposes as do many but most don't realise the benefits of a pre-event massage. Pre-event massage stimulates the circulation increasing the blood flow carrying the blood, oxygen and essential nutrients around the body thus providing the vital fuel required for an efficient work out. Great work Kerry and thank you! If she can help me at my level, she can help anyone. - Danny Ingram Oct 2010

It was apparent that due to my lack of warming up, cooling down and stretching properly that my groin was not dispersing of the lactic acid and that my best course was to use ultrasound and deep tissue massage to get rid of the acid in my system. I started to see some very positive results after 3 or 4 weeks and after 7 or 8 sessions I was not in pain anymore when I played sport. I now continue to see Kerry once every 2 weeks for full body deep tissue sports massage as a preventative course of action and I am very pleased that I do! Many thanks to you Kerry" Matt Cooksey - Cricketer/Football Player June 2010

"Kerry Dodson came with her props and oils to my work to give a well deserved group of Airmen a massage. I have had right shoulder troubles ever since a employment related incodent. I am on chronic pain meds to help take the edge off. Kerry used her talented hands and ultra sound machine and I was a new woman for a good time after. Thanks Kerry! - Hameeda Vignes June 2010 



"I am a football player and I go to the gym 4-5 times per week. My full-time job is a plaster, so my body is constantly getting a thorough work out. My job plastering is very repetitive on my right shoulder, arm and wrist. I have attended UK Sports Massage for the last 12 months and found this a great way to reduce muscular tension and improve my endurance and stamina. Combined with Kerry's nutritional advice on Omega 3, Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements, along with a high protein diet and stretching I am in the best shape, I have ever been in. Also I tore the ligaments in my right ankle and Kerry's Ultrasound treatment has relieved and repaired the discomfort this has given me and helped me get through the session. I would recommend UK Sports Massage to anyone who trains on a regular basis or who has a demanding manual job.

 Ryan Barnes Football Player - May 2010 Huntingdon

"As the leader of a Women's Running group I felt responsible to look after my body. I'd tried other sports massage therapists, but they were all male and I felt intimidated. Then my friend recommended Kerry. I went to see her and she immediately put me at ease. As she massaged my body she explained what she was doing and what she could feel. I have been seeing her regularly for over 4 years and she's looked after me extremely well. I've been to see her for various ailments, from work related moving and handling strains to Wii injuries! Where Kerry stands out for me though is when 2 years ago I fell pregnant with my third child. Where everyone else was telling me to stop running Kerry gave me that facts over the risks involved and I feel without her support and guidance I would not have been able to continuing my running to 32 weeks and cycle to 36 weeks. I would highly recommend Kerry, she is a very experience sport massage therapist and I will continue to use her skills for as long as she is in the profession.

Becky Wilburn Runner Cambridge - June 2010

"I am a doctor and I enjoy doing martial arts and training for distance running to keep fit. I have had knee problems since playing rugby and have had felt great after Kerry's sports massage. I really enjoy the active stretching that is part of sports massage, and I find that deep massage can help to release pain from common conditions like plantar fasciitis, scarring from recurrent ankle sprains, rotator cuff adhesion or frozen shoulder, and many other conditions. Kerry's focus on sports massage allows her to provide for the specific needs of the injured athlete, as well as chronic injuries for anyone who has ailments caused by overuse" - US Military 2011