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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sports Therapy and how does it differ to Physiotherapy:

A sports therapist has been trained to specialise in musculoskeletal injuries, with focus on human biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, manual therapy, specialist assessments and sports specific rehabilitation.

Can I just have a massage?

Of course, even if you’re not injured most people feel some sort of benefit from a massage both physically and emotionally.

Do you have to be training/exercising to benefit?

Not at all, many injuries and tension are caused through overuse repetitive injuries due to working at desks or lifting objects. A sports therapist can help to treat you no matter how active, or the cause of injury.

Does it hurt?

Although sports massage is a deep tissue massage, it doesn’t have to be painful. Techniques such as positional release are designed to restore normal resting tone in muscles that are injured or in spasm. When pressure is applied to these tissues it can be very uncomfortable, but when placed in a shortened position it will alleviate any excess tone without causing pain. 

What should I wear?

Underwear bottom half.