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UK Sports Massage

 Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Improves circulation and aids the lymphatic system
  • Aids recovery both after events and injuries
  • Improves performance (tense muscles are weak and inefficient)
  • Reduces risk of injury (tight muscles and tendons are more prone to injury)
  • Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue which can negatively affect tissue function
  • Removes lactic acid and waste products which may cause muscle fatigue
  • Improves tissue flexibility (massage stretches tissue in ways the conventional stretching can’t)
  • Stimulates the nervous system (aids relaxation, reduces tension both physically and emotionally)

Sports massage can be beneficial as a part of ongoing training, pre-event, and immediately following big events and competitions. The technique and emphasis is varied accordingly.

Preventative or maintenance massages are much more beneficial to ensure injuries are avoided. However, injuries are common and do cause set backs to training and if not treated quickly and efficiently. Secondary tension can build up around the injured tissues without you knowing. This then leads to further problems known as the overuse syndrome. This means tissues cannot work efficiently or lengthen properly and can quickly lead to localised pain and discomfort and also problems elsewhere. At UK Sports Massage we can find and feel and treat these areas to ensure no further damage is caused and that training can be resumed as soon as possible.